Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday 5: 7/13

It’s so warm this week. And we are in for it again this weekend. Tonya and I will be out to check out the new look of Unc’s Bar. It looks a bit more spacious. Also don’t forget about the Reunion Party on August 10th Smile

So that’s it for the moment. You may go ahead and enjoy the Friday 5.

  1. Among people you know, who has the most diverse range of talents or abilities?
    I think I have to say my mom. The woman knits, sews, writes, plays piano and can bake. 
  2. Besides its intended use, what are three things you’ve used a paperclip for?
    1. Set a watch.  2. removed a stuck CD from the C D drive. 3. Unclogged a lotion bottle.
  3. What item in your pantry is the most versatile?
    Rice and pasta.
  4. What implement related to your work seems to be the most useful in different ways?
    My netbook. In all sorts of ways.
  5. What’s an item in your home that seems to have one (and only one!) use?
    The TV.

And there you have it from a very toasty barrel Smile Enjoy the weekend all!

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