Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wallenda Day

Tomorrow is Nik Wallenda day.

(pic from Google)

Everywhere I go for weeks now I am asked ”Are you going to go and watch Wallenda?”


Not that I don’t want to. But, it’s at night. There will be thousands of people.

I’m 4 foot and change. All I would see would be backs and butts. I can go to Walmart to see that.

I will watch on TV though. I think anything happening that puts a good light on the city should be enjoyed. Even if I am confused as to why he would do this at night and on a Friday.

The Falls are pretty dangerous during the day. The mist and wind are there regardless of the weather. Rain or shine. Wind and mist. So much so that when the news showed the helicopter carrying the wire it was hidden by the mist for several seconds.
At night?  It just seems like a bad idea. Add all the spotlights. I can only imagine it will be like seeing a picture of fog taken with the flash on. A swirly wall of white.

(pic from Google)

Then to have it on a Friday? Despite what some think, many folks here do have jobs. And kids. Who are still in school. And everyone knows that after work and school and running around one really wants to fight traffic and a few thousand people.

Silly me.

I would have done it on a Saturday. But. It is when it is.

Before the big event mom, Ed and I will be sitting on the porch drinking some drinks:

                                                 (Specifically these:))

watching all the crazy traffic going, I am guessing, slowly on by. Then we’ll watch Wallenda make history on the TV. Much like the moonwalk of ‘69.

For all those that are going to see it at the Falls: be careful, get there early, have fun, and if you see us wave hi as you sit in traffic.

Good Wallenda day to all from this porch sittin’, tea drinking barrel o’ joy!


I just saw there will be a number of vendors and bands here:

630 Main St
Niagara Falls, NY

at about 4PM. So stop there too!

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  1. Well, i think it is more fun to watch it live! Though traffic or lot of people will watch...what matter is the experience watching it live, truly breathtaking.


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