Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hey Look! A Bugs Me Monday!

I was over at Fragile Annie's earlier and I realized I haven’t done a Bugs Me Monday in ages! Really. Ages!

But when I try to think of what’s bugging me, it just seems like the same old stuff that bugged me a year ago.

* It would appear that I am in a pre-spring limbo. It’s not warm enough to go out and walk or anything. If it is warm, the wind is blowing 50 mph gusts. Or raining.

* While eating some chips a chunk stabbed and wedged between the gum and tooth and now it’s been achy for three days. I hope it’s mostly just bruised and not going to make me really sad.

* After cleaning sugar and coffee and crumbs of various sorts off the kitchen table for the sixth time I’m thinking a one bedroom with one cat and no one else is sounding better and better.

* I’m rather sick of cooking. Of thinking about what to cook. Of chopping. Of…blah.

* A friend that makes me sad. Tooth sad.

* Story ideas that don’t want to grow into anything that makes me happy.

* Not sleeping well. Actually. Sleeping weird hours that are impractical. Grrr.


Anyone having a Bugs Me Monday day?

And there we have it from a This Has To Be Enough Of a Pity Grump Barrel.

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