Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 25


Wow! Such a lot of dust on my LiveWriter.

As you may have guessed, not a whole heck of a lot happening at the moment.

* Just before Christmas, my little netbook died. Instead of buying a new HD, I bought a new one. Not exactly the one I wanted, because that one they don’t sell anymore. Not a It’s an HP. My record with HP is not the best, but I’m hoping it’ll last till next year before doing what HP sometimes do. They don’t die outright. It’s always one little thing at a time, then becomes a big thing. At the moment however, I like it. Not the space bar, which you have to hit super hard. Lots of going back and separating words. Grrr. But as I said, overall, not bad. The screen is larger than the last netbook. It actually has a big ass HD so I’m not moving pictures back and forth from the desktop to the book. The keys are larger and have space between them. So there’s not as much wrong key hitting. So, yes, for the moment, happy camper.

*Went out a couple of times last month. I am considering taking up drinking as an actual hobby. But not the hangover part. That will have to be left behind. I have pictures over on FB, but I’ll put them up here soon.

*Also have pictures of the big snow from last week. It’s gone now, but it was wintery while it was here.




* I’ve been watching far too much TV. Even for my liking. Artic Air, Doc Martin, New Tricks, Once Upon a Time, and Grimm have been weekly staples. Am watching The River. Not sure how I like it, but there’s only six more episodes so I may just stick it out.

* I can’t wait to sit outside again.

* Went to the library. Haven’t been there in ages. I picked up dear friend Mike Hudson’s new book, Never Trust the World, which I will start tonight Smile

* Once again I am loving TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar. I love TCM anyway, but this time of year usually shows all of my favorites.

* All things medical seem to be going along well. *knock on wood*

And there you have it from a soon it’ll be warm and I can go outside again barrel Smile

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