Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Best of 2011

My list of the best from my Netflix for 2011 :


Winnie the Pooh


I don’t care what folks say, it was sweet and charming.
And I do love Piglet.



So funny. Especially Dirty Dancing.

Christopher Titus: Love is Evol


So true, so true. Hysterical. As he always is.

The Kings Speech 


Colin. Adore.

Love Hurts


Crazy Stupid Love? No.
Richard E. Grant? Oh yeah.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

I saw this in January of 2011.
Then I saw it about 200 more times.
My top favorite.

Happy Ever Afters

Such a charming little movie.
An ‘if something can go wrong’ movie.


Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are goddesses.

The Perfect Host

  The Perfect Host 2010 Hollywood Movie Poster
Such a great little creepy as hell find. 
David Hyde Pierce rocks it out. In every way.

Bad Teacher

  bad teacher
This is the kind of movie that goes against my very being.
Offensive, crude, juvenile.
And still, I laughed. And laughed.
It was so wrong, it was right Smile

I don’t get to the movies often and this year was no different. Though Jess and I did get out to see

The Help


Wonderful. Emma Stone is fantastic.
I love when a movie makes me want to read the book afterwards.
And it did and I will.

And there you have it from a sparkly New Year barrel, now go get your DVD on people Smile

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