Friday, November 18, 2011

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 24

* Went out with Jess for Halloween. I did take a few pictures, but they are the same ones she has. I do have this one:

jesshallo20111and this one:

hallo20112                       Where’s Waldo? I don’t see him? Where O where can he be?  

unchallo20112      davehallo2011

unchallo20114Ah the folks I know.  

*Went to the the aquarium to see the Nickel City Reptiles and Exotics show. Again. Pictures where hard to get. I did get a little video clip. One of the show and one of the sea lions:

aquar112011   aquar1120112

aquar1120114   aquar1120116



* Tomorrow mom and I will be starting the holiday fun. First up the NACC’s holiday day. The week after that the new Niagara Holiday Market will open. There will be stands, music and a tree lighting. It should be fun. I also hope city hall has a tree lighting like last years.

* Oh the Neopet fun :) Monday starts the yearly Game Master Challenge :) I do enjoy that. Even if some of the games drive me to insanity. No. Not to the brink. Full on ‘hiding in a corner whimpering something about keeping those Wockys with their items falling from the sky away from me’ insane. :)


* And finally. Mom and I did go to the newly opened Hobby Lobby. Yes. They did have some very nice items. If I was decorating. However, if you are called Hobby Lobby, I expect more hobby and less lobby. Just sayin’. I wasn’t overly impressed. I’d stick to JoAnne Fabric or just order from online. I did pick up a couple of items, because I had to do a lot of walking and was NOT about to go home empty handed.


fallsky112011                                   And here is a pretty fall sky :) Just because.

And there you have it from a ‘getting out of the blue and heading for the holiday fun filled’ barrel :)

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