Monday, November 7, 2011

Wait! It’s November? Already?

I had completely forgotten about NaBloPoMo. Really. And it’s not as if it isn’t all over the place either. It is. Everywhere.

Yet. There it is. Or here it is. Already the 7th and I have one post up this month. Not even intentionally.

The problem is me I’m afraid. I’ve been hanging out in my head to much lately. Which is a nice place. It’s a place where I’m smarter, more graceful, talented. Where home is stress-free and comfy. And no one is having a meltdown every 48 minutes because their life isn’t what they thought it would be when they were 14.
It’s also in Hawaii.

What’s not to like?

Such a nice place. But it’s a pretty bog. A spiffy quicksand that pulls you in. Soon you realize you’ve been zoning for an hour and don’t remember a word of the last paragraph you thought you read a moment ago. Or what was I watching before that sixteenth local car dealership commercial? Was it a movie? No. Why was I watching Gunsmoke for heavens sake? I don’t even care for westerns.

Damn you bog. Damn you.

However. Before we start pulling out the meds, I have seen a spot of dry land. It’s called…The Holidays.

I know. Most hate them. But for me it varies. Some years I dread them and other times I really enjoy them.

I think this is an enjoy year.

Thoughts of making turkey are making me hungry. And there are also thoughts of a holiday party. Pepperoni, cheese, olives and vodka dance in my head lately. I’ve already started planning out my shopping. Last year I did this on Dec 18th. This year I think all will be wrapped by the 18th.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow is a sweet trip to the newly opened Hobby Lobby. Paint, felt, buttons, all sorts of stuff to want to make something out of. What can say get get out of your head if not crafty goodies? Nothing I say. Okay. Maybe vodka. But lets try crafty fun first. As we can see from my little pumpkin hat ( idea taken from here), crafts can be fun :)



Ah….dry land.

Oh yeah. Bring it ;)

A little of this is nice too.
(image from We Heart It)

And that is all for today from a light at the edge of land barrel :)

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