Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Picture Days

It’s getting colder and that means hermit time is fast approaching. That means not a lot going on.

That doesn’t mean I’ve nothing for you.

Mr. G went on vaca last month and was gone for a good chunk of September.

And how did I enjoy this time?

I enjoyed it far more than I should have. The quiet! The peace! Wonderful. I watched TV, I ate when I wanted, the house stayed clean for days at a time.

I did have a night out with friends. A nice get together at Ed’s place. And of course, I forgot to take pictures.

I did however take pictures of other things.

And here you go, in no order at all :)

bettlebugjoy   boxopepperoni1

Mom and I saw this sweet car last week.              Pepperoni in a box. She has her crazy
My birthday is next Tuesday if anyone has                          eyes going on.  
       no idea what to get me :)

boxopepperoni2  denncoffee

                  Pepperoni in a box.                          At Denny’s for Mom’s Bday lunch 
                                                                          (her choice). Here is my coffee.

dennmombday  dennsmombday2

       Mom choose a huge breakfast. Huge.                I had a chicken ranch. So tasty.

falltrees1   fountainchurch1

A fall tree. The top is still green, making                The fountain at the church. Pretty. 
  it looked like it was dipped in paint :)                                                                   

fountainchurch2   fountainchurch3

           Flowers by the fountain.                                 More flowers by the fountain.

mushroomwswiss  veggieishtaco

        Mushroom w/swiss and scallions :)             Veggie-ish tacos made this week. Yummy!

wccran        bdaypressie1

Leftover white chocolate chips with dried                   Early birthday pres from mom.
cranberries. Not bad. Might try with trail                   No more wireless mouse for me.
                mix next time.                                                            YAY!


Poster frame for posters I bought 2 months ago.
Only made interesting by the fact that I carried two of them from
Third/Rainbow to Buffalo Ave.
You may chuckle now.
Now you may stop.

And there you have it from a fall-like summer is over barrel :)

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