Friday, September 23, 2011

A Plan of Attack and a Few Friday 5s

I meant to work on a post. But with G on vacation, I sort of slipped into one too.

Not to mention there’s not a whole lot going on at the moment. Did some visiting and drinking with friends, went to the store with mom, bought a fall jacket that should be here in a few days.

It doesn’t help that I’ve never been good at picking out specific topics either. Or maybe I’ve just fallen into a meme groove and can’t figure out how to get out.
But what to do about it?


I plan on checking out the blog prompt sites to get ideas for the time being. Yes. There are such things. So if you tune in and see a heart felt argument about elephants losing to zombie ligers, well, you will know why. And it will without a doubt spark oodles of comments arguing for the elephants. As if they stood a chance against zombie ligers. Really.

For the rest of this post though, I will continue on with the Friday 5. There are two. Since I can’t seem to be able to answer 5 little questions in one week. I can however answer ten questions in two weeks.

I rock like that.


  1. This past week, what word would you have completed the “If I Only Had a _________” song title with?
    Naked Mole Rat.
  2. What have you recently seen that seemed less likely than flying monkeys?
    Betty White not winning an Emmy.
  3. If you could have shouted “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” sometime this past week, when would it have been especially appropriate?
    When FB made it’s changes.
  4. Who has been your Good Witch of the North recently?
    Mom and Jess.
  5. This weekend, where does the Yellow Brick Road lead?
    To vodka.



  1. Some friends have invited you over to watch the big game. What do you bring for the snack table?
    My best Taco Dip :)
  2. What do you bring for a potluck lunch at work (or school)?
  3. It’s a re-gifting party! Everyone brings some gift they never opened or used and leaves with someone else’s. What do you bring? 
    I have a number of candles I can’t use because the cats think the flame is a live toy. *head shake* I guess those.
  4. You’re going camping for a long weekend with a bunch of friends. Everybody agrees to bring one thing that others often don’t think to bring. What’s your contribution?
    My own bear. That way I don’t get attacked by some strange bear.
  5. Road trip! The car in which you’re going to spend twenty hours with your closest friends only has a CD player. What do you bring?
    An MP3 player and a bottle of valium.

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