Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 23:

* Ugg! What a month. I seemed to be spending money everywhere. At the movies, $18 for snacks.  I thought I was getting a soft pretzel, small popcorn and soda. The pretzel was pretzel bites, the size of meatballs. The popcorn was what I would call a medium. The soda was so big I had to use two hands to lift it. There were enough carbs to get a small army through a cold winter. Insane. My jaw dropped. I didn’t know whether to pay or just run away.
Then I found out that the credit card bill didn’t get cashed. They never got it. So there’s $30 for a past due charge and $30 to stop payment on the lost check.
And I think I was over charged at the grocery store last week. The receipt is illegible so it’s hard to say. I’m pretty sure it was the pop.
After all that I ran out of my Xanax for dialysis. I’ve been cold turkey for the week. And still have tomorrow to get through. I hope tears aren’t involved.
Also? Bad personal situations have left me feeling very yucky because I don’t know what to do to make it better. And, no, it’s not even Gary. This time :)

On the upside of things:

* I have the doctor’s tomorrow after dialysis, so I can get my script.

* The movie was well worth the ticket. Jessica and I went and saw The Help. So good. So funny and sweet. Emma Stone is awesome.

* Mom and I headed over to JoAnne Fabric the other day. I picked up some curtain fabric for the living room. A nice green with an ivy pattern.

* And the week before we went with Jessica to the Castellani Art Museum. The exhibit had gone, but we picked up a few posters. There will be pictures later :)

* Gary’s family survived Irene. They were lucky enough to be just out of the main path. Yay! Also yay for the high speed internet they will soon have :) Finally!

* Three weeks of quiet.

* I bought the kitties a pointer light. They LOVE it! They hear me pick it up and start looking for the red dot. If they don’t see it, they look at me, they look at the hand I’m holding it in and then back at me. They want the red dot! Pepper and Sam run all around after it. Wyck watches it and if you put it on her paw she shakes it off :) Best toy ever.

* Last Friday I saw Tonya and her man. I haven’t seen them in ages. Really. Ages. Went to Foleys and saw buddy Chucky O. Then on to Uncs for a bit. All in all it was a very nice time. So very glad I got to see Tonya. Hopefully it will be sooner next time. Halloween is a’comin’.

* Now I want to say GOOD LUCK Karl! Karl will be having surgery on his rotator cuff next week. And he seems to be mildly freaking out. “Don’t freak. It’ll be okay. You will be so surprised in a week how easy you adjust to using one arm. And after all the physical therapy you will actually feel better. Then you will be amazed at how much pain you learned to live with.“

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And here are a few pictures I forgot to put up the other day:

The lamest Festival of Fools. Ever. The only fools on that day were us for putting pants on and leaving the house. No clowns. No musicians. No mimes! I expected creepy mimes at least. Nope. And it was about 88 and humid that day. Was not a happy camper.

festoflame1  festoflame2

    A fire twirler.  Twirling. He was okay.                              An artist. Arting.


                                             The marching band was spiffy.

freddyvetday   peanut1

Little Freddie in a carrier. Waiting for the vet.      Peanut giving us his “Magnum”

veggiebur chickencurrysalad

            A veggie burrito.                                       Chicken curry salad with dried
                                                                                  cranberries and cashews.


The big giant hole down the street. They filled it in about four days after I put up the picture. Coincidence? I think no.

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  1. Thanks. I am anxious about it, but I'm sure everything will go OK. Just not looking forward to being in a sling for 1-2 mos. That's gonna be a bear.


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