Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It’s Time for More Pictures

A few weekends ago my friend Ed and I headed over to our other friends for a night of margaritas and food. As always, I was so into the eating the food, I forgot to take pictures of it. We had chicken, mac and cheese, garlic mashed potatoes and chocolate cake. (Don’t tell my dietitian :)

Not being a grill gal, I don’t get grilled food items very often in the summer. I forgot how yummy it is. Everything was so good :) Thank you guys!

I did take a few pictures of the house. It’s a converted family house. Now it’s a vacation rental.  it’s called The Fischer House. Most of the rooms are pictured on their FB.

Next time I’ll do my best to take pictures before I drink :) And eat.

marganite1  marganite2 
                    Margarita.                                            A game of Trouble.

marganite3  marganite4
                     Pretty plates.                                          The dining room.

marganite5   marganite6
                      Enclosed patio.                                         Garden at night.

marganite7   marganite8  
            Birdhouse at night.                                      Pretty painted living room.

marganite9   marganite10
      Another wall in the living room.                       In the kitchen with food and drink.

marganite11                                    Awesome cupboards and counter that I want.  


Last week mom and I headed down to the Misty Dog (which I don’t think is as good as it was before. Just saying.The guy before did a better job.) Anyhow, we went with Carole and our godson, Zac. He’s getting old. And that makes me old. Not sure I like that part.

godsonsummer1  mistydog1 
                           Godson.                                          The Niagara Hotdog. It’s cheese.
                                                                                       Ish. And bacon. Sorta.


Then yesterday mom and I went out and I saw these guys. Our little yard kitties.


yardkitties2   yardkitties3
            Ruby hiding in the brush.                           Stripe. Named after the bad gremlin 
                                                                             because of his stripe. And temper.


yardkitties1                                                 Taffy and Ruby. Lurking.

So there you have it. A few pictures of the summer fun while it lasts.

From a ‘not looking forward to Labor Day cause that’s the end of summer’ barrel enjoy the days of warm! :)


I did want to say that even though I missed Miss Britt and her family while they were here, I am so glad they enjoyed the Falls. It really is awesome to see. And I hope one day they come back this way. It would be great to finally met them. Safe journeys Miss Britt and family :)

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