Monday, August 1, 2011

It’s Pictures. Lots of Pretty Pictures.


A group of pics.

abby1   newtgif 

        Jessica’s little baby :)                         We have a T.G.I.F.! Well, it’s a big deal to us.

jesstgi1   tunasalad

Jessica makes friends everywhere she goes.        A wonderfully good tuna salad I made. 
                                                                       I don’t even like tuna. But this is yummy :)

summertopoff   aholeinthegroundbuffave

We topped off the thermostat last week.           A big giant hole down the street. After 
                                                                       a man died falling into an uncovered hole
                                                                       on the other side of town, they put more
                                                                       cones around this one. *shakes head*


From the NACC  Art Fest in the Park:

naccartfest1     naccartfest2
                The tents.                                                Pretty fountain.

naccartfest3   naccartfest4

            More tents.                                                     Chess players.

naccartfest5   naccartfest6
        A few vintage cars show up.                             The kids drew with chalk.

naccartfest7   naccartfest8

             And yet more tents.                                       And again.

        naccartfest9                  naccartfest10

             The program of artists.                                Pretty flowers.




it’s the Italian Fest!


italfest2011  italfest20112 
The eggplant parm I had. Insanely wonderful!    Mom’s Italian sausage w/pepper and onion.

italfest20113           italfest20114

A woman who thought the barricade was for all but her.   Ah. The bocce!Now that was cool :)
And no. She didn’t put it back. *More head shaking*


italfest20119   italfest20115

       Measuring the balls distance.                   This gentleman is the playa of the bocce.
       Men do like measuring stuff.                    Several of the folks had been taught by him.

italfest20116   italfest20117

          The mayor takes his turn :)                     A scene of the court. Bocce is a lot like
                                                                      curling. Without the ice.

      italfest201112       italfest201110

  This was a great shot!                                             Down the strip
  These balls were so close they should
  have had a honeymoon.


And there you have it. From a barrel of summer fun. So far. Not to bad actually. Even with the heat.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer :)

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  1. I love these blogs! You have a great eye for this. :)

    I hate tuna, but I would have been willing to try that.


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