Saturday, August 27, 2011

Friday 5s

Well. I tried.I really did. But last week for the life of me I could not get the site to load. So I just waited. It finally load last night. Yay! Now you get two 5s :)

You know you love it :)

Last week’s:

  1. What was your most memorable alarm-clock failure?
    Honestly. I don’t remember any. if there was one it would have been for school.
  2. What item recently in the news do you find most alarming?
    Hurricane! Hurricane! Hurricane!
  3. Of car alarms, burglar alarms, and smoke alarms, which do you consider most effective or useful?
    I think they are all useful. if you had asked which was most annoying however. well. There’s a question.
  4. If the shoplifting alarm is tripped as you exit a store, what do you do?
    I stand there and wait for a worker to do their rescan thing.
  5. If you owned some kind of personality alarm to warn you upon first meeting someone of likely trouble in the relationship, what would be five qualities you’d set it to detect?
    Violent, cruel, to rigid in his ways, no sense of humor and dumb assy.

And this week’s:

  1. What kind of magnets do you have on your fridge?
    fridgemagnetsThere were many more really cool ones that may or may not have been lost in the move. I hope we just haven’t stumbled on them yet.
  2. What’s your preferred type of glue?
    Elmer’s stick.
  3. When is it good to feel sticky?
    Alright. This may be weird. But I think when the first really humid, hot days hit, I mean the very first ones, and I’m sticky from being warm, that’s a good sticky. It means winter is gone for a while. It means my core temperature has gotten back to normal. It means I’m not cold or chilly. Love that.
  4. What was the last thing you wrote upon a Post-It?
    I don’t have any Post-Its :(
  5. How much pancake syrup do you put on your pancakes?
    Oh my goodness! Far, far to much :)

We’ll see if this seems to be running behind barrel can manage a Friday 5 on a Friday next week.



On a serious note, this hurricane is bullying up the coast big time. I wish all my friends and family to be safe and sound. I’m sending all good thoughts your way folks. Super hugs to everyone.


  1. Thanks for participating. Yes, I was having a little bit of trouble with my web host (it likes to be paid once in a while...ugh). I think it's neat that you decided to do the one you missed. :)

    I, too, put too much syrup on my pancakes. How in the world do we get away with eating those for breakfast?

  2. Hey there. Don't be upset by posting late. I'm the queen of late posting around the Friday5. I especially like your answer about when it is good to feel sticky...I'm right there with you, a girl who loves the warmth of summer. Living in New England has made me appreciate it even more with the winters we've had lately. Thanks for sharing!


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