Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Pictures. Part 1


Part i of Summer pictures.

At the end of June, our little Main Street had it’s first Main Street Music and Art Festival. I didn’t take a lot of pictures there. I’m just not sure about what you can put up if it’s not yours. Even if the artist is in the picture. Someone should let me know about that rule.

Anyway, I took a couple of store front pics. Plus a couple of flowers.

peony2 redrose1


Peonies and a rose.

mainstrart1 mainstrart2

mainstrart3 mainstrart5

The Bookcorner’s store display and The Rapids Theater ceiling.

mainstrart6 mainstrart7

More from the Rapids.

mainstmurphys1 mainstrart8

Our favorite, Murphy’s Cafe :) And a little gallery that had some nice paintings.

A few of the artist really stood out for me. Mark Callen, Casey Falco, Jamberrysong's Creations. There is one more, but I don’t have the link at the moment. I will add it as soon as i get it.


foggymorn1 foggymorn2


Ah. The park in fog.


We also went to the library to see Nickel City Reptiles and Exotics.  He started with a creepy crawly critter.  Ewwww! I kept my eyes covered. The rest were cool.

nickelrep2 nickelrep4

Baby porcupine and tortoise.

nickelrep5 nickelrep6

Lizard and super cute little critter.

nickelrep7 nickelrep9

Another cutie and an odd little monkey.

To be Continued…

From a sultry little barrel, stay cool :)

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