Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday 5: 7-22

Since it’s so hot and I did not in fact die (yet) and the cats did not in fact, eat my face (thank you) I wanted to do just a little something in between the Parter meme and pictures.

That lead me to find this little meme for Fridays. And go figure it’s called Friday 5. I think you know where this is heading. Five questions every Friday.

  1. What’s your best advice for someone who’s as drunk as a skunk?
    Well first, am I drunk with them? ‘Cause my advice will be far different if I’m sober. For instance, if I am drunk my advice might be to skip the Grand Slam and go for a lunch item. Come morning the protein in a burger will feel much better than the sugar from the pound of syrup.  If it’s only the other person that is drunk then I would advise to put the aspirin and two bottles of water by where ever you pass out. Also, it’s just paint on her tail, so leave the cat alone.
  2. What’s your best advice for someone who’s as busy as a bee?
    Stop and smell the flowers. Really. All that buzzing around. Getting pollen all over the rug. And the whole vomit thing? Ick! This is not the way to make friends. No sir. It is not.
  3. What’s your best advice for someone who’s as nutty as a fruitcake?
    Meds. Meds. Meds. Meds. Meds. And stay 200 yards away from me.
  4. What’s your best advice for someone who’s as sick as a dog?
    Awww. Poor baby. I am a fan of hot tea, chicken soup and/or scotch. Also get plenty of rest. And most importantly, above all else, stay away from me.
  5. What’s your best advice for someone who’s as ugly as sin?
    “Paris, Spencer, Heidi, it’s a big world out there. There are going to be people who don’t know or care who you are. You may want to start thinking about doing a makeover. Of your souls. Those of you that have one. If you don’t, check eBay. They have everything. Good luck.”

So there you go, my first Friday 5. Maybe there will be more. We can only wait and see.

From a stuffy, warm, muggy little barrel, have a good and cool weekend.

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  1. Once again, very enjoyable. I love the Friday 5 idea. I'll have o pick it up when I'm done with my nonsense. I don't know when that will be though, since I really like nonsense.


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