Saturday, June 18, 2011

Little Houses

Yeah. Greek Fest.

Didn’t make it. It was thundering, lightning and all sorts of End of Days kinda weather. Jessica had a birthday party for her nephew. Plus it was a wonky week anyway.

Our little dialysis unit was sold to a new company. Which required one day of non-work between transfers. And of course that meant our days had to be moved around.
(For those that care about such things meant instead of Mon., Wed., Fri. It was Fri., Sun., Tues., Fri. )


In the end it was good. We took the following Sunday and we headed up to Art Park to see the fairy houses. It was warm, sunny, and a beautiful day. There was a lot more happening than we thought. Dancers, storytellers, arts, and of course, little houses everywhere. I managed to take a ton of pictures. And the neat things that people came up with for their houses was awesome.

Sadly, I tuckered out after a short time.  Having been up since five. AM. (see above)

Here are just some of the pictures. The rest are over on my Facebook.

fh001fh02 fh03 fh04 fh05 fh06 fh07 fh08 fh09fh11fh12fh13 fh14fh10

I really hope they have it again next year.

The following Monday, mom and I hit the hardware store. And having about forty minutes before the trolley came back around, we went to one of the GREATEST places on EARTH!

Tim Hortons :)


An Ice Capp (caramel), Ranch Chicken Wrap, TimBits :)


TimBits. One of the best things ever.



I saw this on Tumblr and gave it a try :)


Next week it’s the Main Street Music and Art Festival. It sounds like it’ll be fun.

There you have all the fun from this summery barrel. For now :)

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