Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Bit of This and a Bit of That 22

* Rain, rain , rain. Wow.  But at least it’s warm.  And last night reminded me of what’s to come.  The to humid to breathe-keep waking up-tossing and turning to find a cool spot summer nights. Ahhhhhh….

* It’s that time again!  This Saturday is Greek fest day. Food, dancing, cool stuff to see and yes, buy :)  Opa baby! Opa!

* The tooth. Well.  It was agony.  Had antibiotics.  Felt better. Then it was hurting again. Then something popped, bled, then stopped hurting.  All in all I have no doubt whatsoever this is very, very bad.

* I am so ready for some summer TV.  I need my Psych, Eureka and True Blood. Let’s move it people.

*  When it’s humid and warm,  I love bad cheesy movies. I mean really bad. I’m talking Lace bad. Oh yeah. “Which one of you bitches” Lace bad.  And this past weekend I got just that. It showed itself in the form of Angel.  Not the vampire.  Silly readers.  Nope.  A BBC production.  And it fits he bill wonderfully. It felt like it was on for days. It had everything you would expect and none of the surprise.  The main character is Scarlett O’Hara without the depth.  I will end with The Rainbow and Camille Claudel.  You know what I mean if you’ve seen it.

* Neopetters: Ugg.  The Cup.  The change in game function. The headache of it all. And if I may say to all the “well just don’t play if you don’t like it” people. We won’t.  And that will only hurt you in the long run. When the numbers drop and they decide it’s not worth it next year. Then no one will get to play. Dumbass.  Personally. I am one of the haters. It’s awful. It’s difficult to maneuver. It’s glitchy. The power bar is beyond stupid and slow. Angling is ridiculous. There’s more. But I’m annoyed enough at the thought of it. This whole changing to keep it interesting is weak. Seriously. Make a whole new game if you want to change it so much it just barely resembles the original.  Maybe that’s the only way Faerieland can place. Yeah. I said it. GO MARAQUA!  I’m calm. I’m calm. * deep breathe*  It’s just a game.  Anyway. I don’t see me playing for the ranks I did in the past years. Ugg.

* Flower pics :)


* And finally. We have a stray kitty that wants a home :) I know. I know. We believe it was a house cat that someone tossed out.  He tries to walk right in the house and will come up to be petted.  We have a full house already or we would. Trust us. We really would. But we just can’t.  He’s all white, shorthair.

mozzerella1And likes to sit outside my window.  Crying.  In the rain.

And I think that’s enough from this summer happy barrel :)

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