Wednesday, March 16, 2011

With Appreciation and Love…Thank You

The voting has ended over at the Writer’s Digest Your Story.  In the end I managed to be third out of the five.

And I was one of the five out of 640 entries.

Which I think is just awesome.

It was the first time I’ve submitted something to anyone and how could I not be pleased by those results?

No. I don’t get anything. It’s a bit like Open Mike Night for writer’s.  The happy that it brought is enough.

Thank you all for taking the time to register (painfully for some) and read and vote. It means so much to know that I was worth the effort. Your kind words have made me feel inspired and thinking about the next prompt.

The winner is clearly Larry on the Lam. That will remain up, so if you skipped it, you can still read it. You did register and all that.

It was so cute and well done, I would’ve voted for it myself if  I wasn’t one of the other stories :)

So once again, from a feeling very proud of myself barrel, thank you all.



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