Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drinks On You?

 Avitable posed a question on his post today.

It started with him doing his stand-up and seeing a couple on their first date. Which lead him to ask about first dates and going to dark, smoky, loud bars.  Was it douchey on the man’s part or desperate on the woman’s?  Does it set a bad tone for the night if you don’t want to commit to a full dinner?

So I started thinking.

I have to say right of the bat, I would probably say no to a comedy club.  Not because I hate them, I don’t.  I love standup.  I’ve done the classes.  I’ve done the stage.  I’m better at improve :)  So I get that you might want to go somewhere to have a few drinks, laugh, get a feel for each other.  Find out what makes the other person laugh.  Do they laugh?  Of course maybe you don’t want to know right away that they find the anal bleaching jokes a wee bit funnier than everyone else.  Let the comedy club wait for date two.  Or four.

But a regular smoky, dark bar?

We have many little bars that are simple spaces with a bar, chairs, tables, a couple dart boards, a DJ  or a jukebox.  I find them relaxing.

So I think it would be fine to go to the bar.  Have a few drinks,  perhaps order some food, sing along to Funky Cold Medina.  Maybe have a few shots and try not to take the other’s eye out with the darts, while calmly explaining that no, the fours do not count in cricket.

I know myself well enough to know that if I were at an upscale restaurant I would find it difficult to relax.  And being a somewhat paranoid and cynical gal would be wondering what someone would be shelling out $200 for on a first date.  What exactly is it that they are trying to buy?

And how do they know I’m awesome enough to deserve that kind of dinner?  I am of course.  But how do they know that?  Do they do that for every girl?  If so, why would that be impressive?

Personally, I think you can tell more about a person when they get their ass beat at darts than chit chatting about the the world’s troubles over filet mignon.  And in the end, isn’t that what a date is supposed to be about?

Plus, if you find he/she starts laughing a bit to much at anal bleaching without a comic bringing it up, you might be very happy to have four really, really, really, really big bouncers close at hand.


That’s it from this what’s a date again barrel :)

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