Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Bit of This and a Bit of That 21

* I have. I never did before. But  really! Gary Busey and Meatloaf trying to kill each other?  How can I not. Yup. I have been watching Celebrity Apprentice. I seriously dislike Donald Trump. But I also need to see the Busy/Meatloaf matchup. Yes. NEED!  And thank goodness Dionne Warwick is gone. What a horrible lady. I know. I know. She’s a legend. A mean bitchy one at that.  So yay for that firing.

* I started some spring cleaning. And it was going along at a nice steady pace. Until. Snow. And then it stopped. The desire for a quilt out weighted the desire to clean. Okay. It’s WNY. I expected it to snow again. I just didn’t think it would be enough to shovel. Nor did I expect it to be 12 degrees again. It’s suppose to be in the thirty’s this week. Perhaps the forties. Maybe I will get the umph back :)

*  Went shopping on St. patties with mom and Jess. Bought a new camera and lots of craft stuff. I have a bunch of pictures from our lunch. And…

* I have a ton of pictures to put up.  Have I said that for about two months now? No?  Three?  Very likely.  I will hop on that.

* This month has been the Neopets Daily Dare. I hope to get a silver, but there are a few days to go yet and anything can happen.

* Farmville finally released it’s English Countryside. I do like their sheep. They are so darn cute!

*  I’ve been enjoying all the Tumblr pictures. Especially the houses and rooms. The craft and food are cool also. I won’t look at the animal category though. There was a surprise bug close-up once…and well, that was that. I’ll stick to the brownie pictures.

* I want to go for a walk. Make it warm.


* A few bloggers have started some projects.

First up there’s a neat ‘zine. Thrice Fiction. Enjoy stories from David Simmer II from Blogography, Marty Mankins from Banal Leakage and Vahid Jimenez of Iron Fist.

Faiqa of Native Born and Mr. Shiny from Shiny's Take Out have an interesting podcast happening. Check out Hey! That's My Hummus! It’s not a cooking show :)

And finally Avitable has re-started up (about a month ago) CYR over on Talkshoe. There isn’t a new episode this week, but there will be next. And you can go and listen to the past shows till then. Just, well don’t at work or around children. Or old people. Or pets.


I will leave you with one picture. It’s of the Supermoon. It was very cloudy so I couldn’t get a good one. At about two AM it cleared a bit so I ran downstairs and snapped a quick pic.


I really like the way the clouds look in this.


So that’s it for now from a will it never get warm barrel :)

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  1. You had better learn to like Trump...he may very well be the next POTUS :-)


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