Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All I Have to Say About Charlie Sheen

I do.  I like Charlie Sheen.  I enjoy the show Two and a Half Men.  He is an icon of my childhood and I liked seeing him and Jon Cryer together.  How could an 80’s gal not love that?

But.  Sadly.  It is no more.

But it doesn’t have to be!  I say that no one is irreplaceable.  Even icons. And if done well, can be as if nothing happened.
First, my choices.  John Stamos. (I like him. Bite me.) Isaiah Mustafa.  Sarah Silverman.

My solutions for Two and a Half Men:  I would fall back on the classics.

1. Uncle Charlie in a a terrible crash while drinking. ( It’s a miracle he hasn't yet.) In the hospital all banded up, the unveiling:  A new Uncle Charlie!

2. Uncle Charlie had court ordered rehab and he has gone through a lot.  He’s not the same man.  In walks a different Uncle Charlie!!

3. They Bewitch and Roseanne it.  With the only reference to the switch being  little sentences like  Who are you?  You know Charlie it’s like I’ve never seen you before.

4. They just kill him off and add a new found sibling the mother had put up for adoption many,  many years ago. *cough*Charmed*cough*

And if you don’t think those can work, well you’ve never watched TV.




When Charlie Sheen says winning several thing go on in my head.  "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."  being the main one.

Dude!  You are unemployed.  The kids have been removed.  You are  being asked to leave the neighborhood.  There are rumors you have no cash left and you are going through money faster than Charlie Sheen on a Monday.  You have pushed away the people who really do care if you live or die and instead surround yourself with people even Anna Nicole Smith would be leery about.  You are too thin and sickly looking.  I am surprised you heart hasn't flipped you off yet. 
You WANT to do Major League 3!

In no way, shape, form, transplanetary, or astral plane definition are you winning.




I did.  I jumped on and followed Charlie Sheen on Twitter that first day.  Early on in the day I might add.  Before it became a thing.
Today I unfollowed.  I no longer feel interested.  I did.  Now I am just left feeling icky, slimy and sad.  I don’t need to add that to my list of fun daily feelings.  In the end I just do not want to be apart of that train wreak.

So.  This is it.  I hope Charlie Sheen has his Helen Keller, Ebenezer Scrooge moment. I hope he can find a better path and not the Anna Nicole, John Belushi, Cory Haim path.


Good luck Charlie.



That is all from this one less icon barrel.

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