Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 20


* Winter. Blah. Enough said.

* This winter I have revisited the TV shows Frasier and Xena. I have forgotten how much I do enjoy them. Frasier  has the wit I love. While Xena has the kickass that’s fun to watch.  And so I don’t OD on them after only two seasons, I’m alternating between them. That should take me to May :)

* I’ve joined Tumblr. But for the life of me, I don’t get it. I already have a blog. So I’m not sure what it is I’m supposed to be doing with it. I’ll play with it later.
(I did try it with Stumbleupon. I haven’t checked to see if it worked yet. But I don’t want to have all my fun before dinner :)

* Adam is bringing back his Clearly, You're Retarded show on Talkshoe. Tomorrow, 2/2/2011 at 9PM  EST the fun starts again. This is also funny cause I was talking to BarbieGirl about doing this very thing. Now of course I will have to wait the appropriate amount of time so as not to look like a complete douchey copycat. But that’s okay. I enjoy the listening :)

* BarbieGirl and I went out this past weekend. We hit Legends for one drink. It was okay. Did see Chucky O, so that was awesome.  Then we swaggered over to Players and drank, talked and ate pizza (thank you dude ).  Though we planned to go somewhere else, we didn’t. We were just comfy. The night ended at Denny’s with coffee and chicken strips. Yum :) I have maybe two pictures from the night. I’ll be doing pictures this week :)

* I have also been keeping up with the Hassan trial via @SteveWBEN. He has the best updates. It’s like being there. And seriously. The man is insane. The more he talks the more he shows himself to be the controller and less the controlled. (And if I may, if you can’t find a few character witnesses, anywhere, no family, friends, employees. No kid’s teachers or church goers. Not even the coffee barista at the local Timmy Horton’s. Then it’s you that is the problem. Just sayin’)

* And finally I am loving the Bitchin' Kitchen on the Cooking Network. The host is funny and a spiffy dresser. Okay, maybe not the bee outfit. That gave me a headache, but most of them are fun. And the recipes seem okay too.

I think that’s a good one to leave on.



And that is all from this snowbound little barrel.

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