Thursday, February 10, 2011

31 days of Movies

I filled them all out over on FB, so I thought I’d share it here.


Day #1:  Favorite Movie  -  So many choices. At the moment I will narrow it to two. 1. Moonstruck and 2. Enchanted April.

Day #2:  Least Favorite Movie - Yup. I'll say it. I despised American Beauty.

Day #3:  Favorite Comedy- Dogma

Day #4:  Favorite Adventure- Hot Fuzz

Day #5:  Favorite Horror- Shaun of the Dead

Day #6:  Favorite Suspense/Thriller- Tell No One

Day #7:  Favorite Animated Movie- Howl's Moving Castle

Day #8:  Favorite Guilty Pleasure- Xanadu

Day #9:  A Movie You Never Expected To Love- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Day #10:  Biggest Let-Down-Shutter Island

Day #11:  First Movie You Saw In Theaters- Star Wars

Day #12:  The Last Movie You Saw In Theaters - Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton)

Day #13:  Favorite Documentary- Super Size Me

Day #14:  Favorite Satire- Canadian Bacon

Day #15:  A Movie With Your Favorite Actor- The Accidental Tourist

Day #16:  Favorite Movie Based On A Book- Lost Horizon

Day #17:  Favorite Movie With An Actor You Hate- The Truman Show

Day #18:  Movie You Can Watch On Loop-The Fifth Element

Day #19:  Favorite Movie Based On A Historical Event- Gandhi

Day #20:  Favorite Movie Based On A Historical Figure- Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle

Day #21:  Favorite Musical- Chicago

Day #22:  Most Over-Rated Movie -Avatar

Day #23:  Most Under-Rated Movie- Once

Day #24:  Movie With Best Soundtrack- Whip It

Day #25:  Favorite Black and White Movie-The Enchanted Cottage

Day #26:  Cheesiest Horror Movie-Leprechaun

Day #27:  Favorite Oscar-Winning Movie- The Last Emperor

Day #28:  Favorite Made-For-Television Movie- Saint Maybe

Day #29:  Favorite Movie Based On A Television Series- Serenity

Day #30:  Favorite Re-Make-none

Day #31:  Favorite Sequel- Godfather II

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