Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year one and all!

I’ve noticed many folks doing their top ten lists. Whether it be the top ten favorite posts of others or their own. Some have movies, shows or songs.

I may do one of those. Later.

Today I want to just say thank you. These may sound familiar. But they remain true and still require the apperception they deserve, They are constants that are just as loved last year, this summer, this very day.


Thank you to friends and family that made last year better.  A  year full of fun, love and happiness. I am insanely lucky and blessed that you are all in my life.

Thank you to the many bloggers that continue to share their lives;  the ups, the downs, the just plain odd, with us all.

Thank you to all the new bloggers that have been found and have entertained with life, pictures, art and wonder.

Thank you to the universe and any higher beings that saw me fit enough to take on my little crazy girl, Pepperoni.

Thank you to the same for letting my other guys to stay with us for another year.

Thank you mom and Jess for all you have done to help this year. And it was plenty.

And thank me for continuing to try. To try to be better, stronger, kinder.  Even though it was only accomplished in inches rather than miles, I still feel good about it.  And hey, there’s also a whole new year ahead of me to do more.

So have a happy new year filled with all the best there is. Love, joy, happiness, kitties, tea, coffee, books, movies, music, reliable internet service and comfy barrels.

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