Monday, January 3, 2011

A Before and After Pt. 1: Before

I had seen this over at Avitable’s a while ago.  I was going to do this then, but I became distracted by the 30 Days (of which I seemed to have lost interest. Perhaps I’ll get back to that one day).

Now that the holidays are done, I noticed that the fridge was looking a little bare. We haven’t been shopping in almost two weeks.

Then an idea was born. Or stolen and I don’t remember from where. Hehe…ummm…anyway…I thought a before and after.

This is how things are looking the night before grocery shopping.


The Freezer


1. Italian meatballs. :)
2. Baby Brussel Sprouts in Butter Sauce. Yum.
3. Roasted potatoes and broccoli in cheese sauce.
4. Personal pizza
5. En-Core Salisbury steak 
6. Quarter bag of tator tots
7. Bag of ice with one big piece left
8. Watermelon freezy-pop
9. Cool-Whip
10. Apple pie
11. Butter


Inside the Fridge


1. Fruit drinks that came in some Lunchables
2. Hamburger dill chips
3. Pop
4. Keepin’ it fresh
5. Garlic spread
6. Caramel Swirl Coffee..oh the yum :)
7. Eggs
8. Apples
9. Corn muffin mix mom made with recipe on the top :)
10. Ricotta cheese
11. Pineapple
12. Apple cup of something
13. Feta!
14. Leftover soup in a tube
15. Fruit cocktail
16. Ginger beer
17. Lemon juice
18. Another ginger beer
19. Move along. Nothing to see here.
20. Cinnamon rolls
21. Biscuits
22. Cheese slices
23. Mozzarella cheese


Fridge Door


1. Butter
2. Grated cheese
3. Hot sauce
4. Rice wine vinegar
5 Garlic Ranch dressing
6. Dill relish
7. Worcestershire sauce
8. Honey mustard
9. Yellow mustard
10. Ketchup
11. Soy sauce
12. Tummy meds
13. Kool-Aid (raspberry
14. Miracle whip
15. Mayo
16. Milk


As you can see, the condiments are taken care of :) And I still have the items to make the baked ziti. And pie. There’s still pie.  Big Grin

Hopefully afterwards there will be more actual food. Maybe something with protein in it.

So till the food fairy and gnomes do their thing, that’s all from a cupboards are bare barrel :)


  1. do you keep your fridge so clean?!?!

    (Yes, this is my first time here and that's all I can think of to say as I stare in amazement at the lack of kool-aid spills and jelly drips.)

  2. Thank you! And welcome:) It took a long time to get into the habit, but now I clean it out the day before grocery shopping day. Old food goes and a quick wipe-up. :) Then as they say, Bob's your uncle :)


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