Monday, January 17, 2011

The Afters

Now…where was I? I seem to recall being in the middle of something. What was it?  Hmmm…wha….

Oh yes! Here are the afters. I am a bit ashamed at how little I actually bought. I was out of all sorts of cleaning stuff, so that was what I got. Last week was much better. At this very moment I have hummus, fresh feta, tomatoes (don’t tell), lettuce, cheese cubes. All kinds of noms :)

But this wasn’t about this week. It’s about the week before.




1-3 : Pot Pies
4: Chicken nuggets
5: The sprouts
6-8: Hot Pockets
9: The pizza
10: On-cor
11: The meatballs
12: The tots
13: Ice cream
14: The pie
15: The Kool-Whip



1: Pop
2-4: pickles and fruit juice
5: Green grapes
6: Lettuce
7: Turkey
8: Sliced olives
9-12: Coffee,eggs,apple, garlic spread
13: Corn muffin mix
14: Leftover broccoli and cheese
15: Lunchable
16: Applesauce
17: Cucumber
18: Baby carrots
19: Feta
20: Peppers

Hmmm…I’m not overly pleased with all this. I must plan a better diet. I hope to lose the five pounds I put on from my summer of Little Debbies and Pringles.

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