Friday, December 10, 2010

More Pictures From Me

I have yet again saved up all my pictures for one nice long post :)

I do that a lot.  I know.

Let’s start with Thanksgiving. tdayauntjenny1

(Cousin Shirley, Aunt Jenny, Mom)

Mom and I went with the cousins to see Aunt Jenny and have a nice little dinner. Aunt Jenny is 97. It’s always nice when we get to see her.

tdaybill(Cousin Bill)

And yes. There was smuggled in wine :)

The dinner was very nice with just enough food to keep me full for the night :)And the company was just as nice :)



The next week mom and I went to The NACC for their Holiday Extravaganza.  They had the gallery open, so we took a looksy. Not to bad.  I really liked many of the pieces. Of course I didn’t take pictures because I’m fairly certain there are laws or at least very frowned upon ethics involved.


We hurried up to the second floor to watch the bagpipers.

We love the bagpipes. And them I took a couple of pictures of. 
I also ran into my friend Tina who I have not actually seen in person in many a year. I finally met her little boy, who I read all about .  It was good to see her and it added to that nice night out feeling.

After that we looked around a little more then went into the new cafe.

I think it looks cozy. I was really digging on this one table:

nacccafetable(Spiffy table)

The next event was the City Hall Tree Lighting.

We almost didn’t go. It was very cold and windy. And we had been out and about earlier in the day.

After a little gumption, we bucked up and braved the cold. And glad I am we did. What a nice night. Saw some folks, took pretty pictures, had cookies.

And a thank you to whoever found chairs for us.

Next time we know to show up an hour earlier.

The event was sponsored by The Hard Rock Cafe here in the Falls. And the tree was done up accordingly. As you will see, it turned out very nice.


(Mayor Dyster and Santa)


(The Band)

smallcityhalltree4smallcityhalltree2All in all a good time.

Last week we went to Dollar Tree :) Loves me some Dollar Tree :)

Picked up a couple Christmassy items. Including this sign that works on so many levels:


(Funny sign)

I also picked up this odd little arty plaque. I kept going back. It’s so…and yet…I know:


(Funny odd thing)

I did pick up the old fashioned candy, that turns out the container was the best part. Thankfully, only a dollar.

oldcandydollar (Old Fashioned Candy container)

And last up, was the most comfy day I’ve had in a while. I came home from dialysis, it was freezing out, the heat was on so it was nice and warm, I made tea and soup. Then I put my jammies on and watched How to Train Your Dragon while I ate and sipped.

It was difficult not to slip into a comfy coma. I plan on many more of those by the way.


(Soup in a Tube )

It’s the Minestrone. I like grated cheese on top :) Oh the yum!

So there it is. Lots of fun from a cheery festive little barrel :)

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