Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And Here We Are Again

Another year.

As if no one ever started a post off with that.

But it is.

In a few days it’ll be clean slate, sparkly new, high hopes and dreams of better days day. You know what I mean.

All the bad is done. Time to look forward and think, well, happy thoughts.

And yes. I understand the whole resolutions issue. I’m not talking about “I WILL lose 10 lbs this year!” thing. I’m thinking more along the lines of maybe I’ll lose 10 lbs this year.

Last year I gave myself suggestions.  And for the most part, I did in fact improve. Okay. Nothing was 100%. But when I look over the list, I do feel as if I have accomplished something. Probably for the first year. Ever.

1-3 were noticeable.

I can carry more than one bag up the stairs at a single time. I can walk around the stores longer. I feel better. The apartment is usually in a state suitable for people to stop in unexpectedly. And I feel better with a clean space. I have even managed to do a few more crafties this year.

4 is only a little better. I still can’t just sit, relax and read. My mind says things like ’Why are you sitting here?” You should be doing the dishes. Or vacuuming. Or isn’t there the floor to wash?” But I have started reading at night when vacuuming can’t enter into the equation :)


Oh my. Still need a lot of work on those two.

7-9 weren’t to bad.

I have been very good about not buying more stuff than can be used by a single person.  In any number of lifetimes. I may be done with the sign off.  And the worrying? Not a smidge.

So for this year?

I don’t plan on freaking out about little things. No worrying about things out of my control, or just plain stressing out.

I plan on working on the thoughtfulness and diet.  I plan on getting into a writing habit. I hope to enjoy more of the outside this summer. And maybe I’ll lose 10 lbs during all of this :)


Have a Happy, Joyful, Stress-Free, Peace-Filled New Year!

And that is all for this not to shabby 2010 barrel :)

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