Wednesday, November 24, 2010


…here we are once again.


The day of thanks and remembering the good in our lives.

This year is not much different from last.

I’m still thankful for all the great in my life. The fact that I still have a life (knock on wood), for one.

For family that is still here. We will see the cousins and our aunt.  She is 96. And she is with us for another year (knock on wood).

Thankful for my mom who helps me each and everyday with her presence and love.

For friends that I love having in my heart and hope to see this weekend (Yay vodka!)

For my little furry guys who drive me insane (I am not a chew toy!) but all are at the door when I get home, welcoming mommy back with purrs and kitty kisses.

I’m thankful for all the bloggers out there that let me stalk them and share in their lives for another year.

And for all the new bloggers that I started stalking this year.

This year I also have a few new items to add. I am thankful for my morning shift at dialysis. I get to be home by noon instead of midnight.

For being at a Niagara Falls unit. Being close to home is beyond wonderful.

For my medical team that takes such incredible care of me.

I am also thankful for the people of this great land. The people who made sure that injustice was averted.

Congratulations Jennifer Grey :)


From a very thankful, joy filled barrel, I hope you all have a wonderful and love filled Thanksgiving.



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