Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pictures O’ Plenty (Perhaps PT. 2)

Yeah. I may have used this title before.  That’s why there is a PT. 2 bit.

But here are lots of pictures I’ve been meaning to upload from the camera and get up here. And after a day of grocery shopping, cleaning and a coffee, it seemed a perfect time to do just that.

So without further ado…

This first set is from the Wildlife Fest mom and I went to about a month ago.  We walked around outside. Took in a few of the of the lectures. ( Lecture sounds so formal. I’m sure there is a better, more proper word for that. But I can’t think of it at the moment. )  Not sure if there were other critters inside. We stayed out, in the chilly wind, I might add. But we watched and looked and bought a gun sticker for Uncle (which if you knew him, you would know just how fabulous that is. Tim, you would know.) And can I just say, gun folks at a wildlife conservation fest? Maybe it’s just me. Then we ate hotdogs. Yeah. I know. Previous sentence.

It’s all birds. So there could very well have been more inside. But birdies it was for us.


Next up, a spinach with garlic and beans I wiped up. I added onions, but I wouldn’t do that again. Maybe shallots or scallions. The onion overpowered it for me. Not that it tasted bad, it just wasn’t what I was hoping for. I did finish it all up :) and with the grated cheese, it was tasty.


And finally, I went with mom to the Niagara Falls Aquarium last week. They had a reptile show happening. Performed by Nickel City Reptiles. Very fun. Very funny. Not crazy about the immensely deadly snake, but we all have our thing. The Gila Monster, Wallaby and Cougar were my favorites. And in my head I kept wanting to call the Wallaby Rocko.

Managed a picture of the Moray Eel who usually is hiding in his jar.

And the Aquarium has Poison Dart Frogs. Pretty! Deadly!

When you see them, you think there are only four or five, but if you keep looking there are quite a few of them. They blend so well. It was really something to see.

aqua20101aqua20102 aqua20103aqua20105aqua20106aqua20108



These are a little fuzzy because I had to stand towards the back. It was rather packed :)






The cougar is just like Pepper. Or Pepper is just like the cougar.  All I know is Pepper has crazy kitten cougar eyes :)   

And there you have it. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

And that is all for now from this cozy little barrel :)

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