Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh The Halloween Fun

It was a dark and damn windy night.

Really. Wind. E.


All Hallows Eve.

The night when drinks and candy should have flowed with ease.

We were dressed up.

Well, they were dressed up. I had a quick throw-together-took-an-hour-craft project made.
Yup. That's it below:


I know it’s hard to see, but I was working for The Niagara Falls Reaper that night. I even managed to get blood on my badge. :)

We met up at Player's on Niagara and Fourth. We didn't know there was a band. Not that they were bad. They were quite good. (And wow. Band guys dressed as The Blues Brothers. Oh how clever.) We were hoping to get our catch up on before we worked the drunk thing. And bands aren't made for that sort of situation. If you know what I mean.
We only stayed for a few then headed over to Uncs on Third and Ferry. But we did get some beer promo stuff before we left. Beads and a crown. 229


We knew it would be quiet enough at Uncs to do some talking. And it was.
Oddly so. Usually every Halloween you can barely walk through the place.
Not this year.

Dead. Dead. Dead.

Not mostly dead. All dead.

For a Halloween falling on a weekend, it was a sparse crowd with few dressed up.

There were no real surprises.

Several women pirates, a Darth Vader, a Mad Hatter (not Johnny Depp version), a witch and a doctor, a bee and a barmaid. hallo20108
Not one Lady Gaga. Not one meat dress. Not one Bobby Flay eyeing the meat dress with a meat tenderizer in hand. No Mr. Mayhem. No Jersey Shore cast members.

What has Halloween come to in this town!

The pirates answered with an Argg. The bee buzzed about. The barmaid was just happy to have someone wait on her for a change.
And Darth keep moving about having an asthma attack.

And no one was in the mood for candy.

 hallo201015 Lugging around two pounds of candy was my exercise for the night. I was glad to burn a few cals before the food part of the night.

Which we decided was around two. AM.
Off to Denny’s where the food is cheap, the portions huge and you don't have to be 100% trashed to enjoy it.
Though a 36% doesn't hurt.

While we waited we were chatty and having fun. After the food arrived and we eaten a little bit, it dawned on all of us at the same time. Sleep was far more important than food at that moment.

And once again I was thankful that I have cats instead of dogs. While the gals were talking about having to take their little furry ones for a walk, I knew I would be in my jammies and asleep before they even got to take their coats off.

Yay kitties.

And yay friends. And Halloween. And Denny’s.






























hallo201013 hallo201010

Till next year’s scary Halloween, Niagara Falls Reaper, out.

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