Thursday, November 11, 2010

Love Me Friday…Really

I just felt like doing a happy post. Or as I like to call it; a break from those 30 Days :)

And since it’s been a while ( a long while) for one of these, I say what the hell.

So off we go…weeeee….

* Went to the grocery store Thursday instead of Friday. Now when I get home I can just relax and enjoy the silence. Plus there will be food. And that’s a good thing.

*  I’m feeling crafty. I found this site while the crafty bug was germinating and it has made me realize what I want my house to look like. A blended combination of all of it. Go here and feel the love I am feeling :) Poppytalk and especially this section Makeover on a Budget. The doors! The pantry! Want!

* I’ve also been thinking of Talkshoe or ustream. I do have the cam built in. It seems silly to waste it. I have no specific ideas though. And I’m not entirely sure I can make my friends join in. However, I will be giving this some serious thought. 
Winter is on it’s way, I will be trapped in the house. Must connect with other life forms. I’ve been told that’s what humans do.
( And no. I don’t mean whatever you know I darn well don’t mean. Yeah. You.)

* Psych and Burn Notice started this week. Awesome!

* With the chilly weather going on, I’ve been cooking more often. Nothing spectacular (mostly frozen non-foods), but compared to what our diet consisted of before, this is an improvement. And I do have Italian sausage and sauce for one night this weekend.

* Going with the Queen to the aquarium this Saturday. They have a reptile show happening and I think it might be fun.

* Berry Skittles from Rite-Aide. Yummy!

* Avatar: The Last Airbender and Cowboy Bepop :)

* Countdown to Christmas starts Saturday on the Hallmark channel. Christmas cowboys, flower shop folks and Guardian angels of various varieties. And I have Jingles to go with them. I half want it to snow. But only half. The smaller, uneven, not really a half, half.

Well that’s a nice bunch of happy this week. Sweet.

From a comfy, cozy barrel, I hope you all have a great weekend, filled with a bunch of happy too :)

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