Tuesday, October 12, 2010

30 Days of Truth: Day 1

I’m small. I can find a seat on this bandwagon. If you could just scoot over a smidge. Ah. Comfy.

I did wonder why I was thinking of doing this. Is it because it’s everywhere, and I thought why not? Not unlikely. Or. Is it because I’m sick? Maybe. Will I find it insane that I committed myself to this? Very likely. But, I’m sick! And clearly not in my right mind. Also. I don’t have anything original or noteworthy to write about this week. There is no Friday Love. There are only two things bugging me on Monday and I don’t want to talk about them. That leaves me three choices. I can continue to entertain you with tales of phlegm ( bor-ring), I can do a nice long meme (far too many questions to think about), or I can steal be inspired by Avitable, Faiqa and many others and do the Thirty Days of Truth. (Which lets me only worry about one question at a time.)

Hmmmm…what shall I do?


Day Uno: Something you hate about yourself.

I mostly grew up in hospitals. That means my social skills aren’t exactly the best they can be. It was mostly with doctors, nurses, aides and various other adults that my basic interactions occurred. Not a big peer group to learn from. So situation handling, or how to interact with others my own age, well they are still a work in progress. To say the least. And that unfinished work leads to me usually putting my foot in my mouth, embarrassing myself or, worse, others. Being mean when I certainly don’t intend to be. Or even just slinking away when a woman tells me that her antibiotics gave her a yeast infection.

Did I manage an “I hope you feel better.”?  No. I’m pretty sure I did not. I am sure it was me saying something like “I guess I’m just lucky.” (walk away. walk away.)
I’m sure Miss Britt would have handled that a lot better than I did.

It also means I don’t keep in touch like I should. I don’t do cards or emails very often. If it weren’t for FB they would think I fell off the planet. In my defense I am usually thinking they have a life. Kids, work, other family. Things that involve time and energy and the last thing they need is me calling saying I’m bored. Entertain me!

But I am working on it and one day it will be fixed. Ish.


(Here and here is where I first saw the 30 Days of Truth.)


That is all from this barrel of joy.

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