Friday, September 24, 2010

It’s Almost Here.

I love October. I know. I know. No one wants to rush the time to quickly. Neither do I. Not really.


It is acommin’.

And it is my favorite.

And here is why…

* My birthday. Oh yeah. Right around Halloween I turn another year older and am thankful each time it does.  

* Halloween. Because it’s fabulous!

* Halloween candy. I love those little tiny packets of M&Ms, smarties, peanut butter cups. Is it me or are they better when they are tiny?

* Neopets Games Master Challenge.

* ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween. I love all those movies. The Disney one’s too for that matter. Yes. I like Halloween Town and Twitches.

* All the old movies. Blithe Spirit, I Married a Witch, Bell, Book and Candle, The Wolfman, Cat People (Lewton, not Kinski)

* Big worn fuzzy sweaters.

* Flannel jammies.

* And new fluffy slippers. (My birthday treat each year :)

* Hot coffee and tea. Yes. It tastes better when the temps are lower.

* The first meatloaf and baked potato of the season.

* Soup in a tube.

* Flannel quilts and giant afghans made with lots of love :)

* Decorating for Halloween. It’s the start of the the decorating season.

* Pretty, pretty leaves of course.

* Going for walks. Just after dinner. When the sun is starting to set and it’s quiet and calm.

* All the different faces of it. Serene, spooky, peaceful, fun, bright, warm, cool.


































All images are from the wonderful We Heart It site :)


What are you looking forward to in October? :)

That’s it from a cool, pretty leaved, barrel :)

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  1. oh love Halloween too. . nice pics, orange pumpkins make me wanna party!!I enjoy the post, thanks


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