Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am sick. Not as in sick and tired, though I am, but ‘someone who should have stayed home, but instead went out and infected a city’ sick.

It started with just a dry throat. Then coughing. Then a nice warm 102.1 (temp, not radio station).Then it turned to a cough and congestion. Which is weird for me. Usually it starts as a head cold or just coughing. The congestion making it’s appearance only after a few days of yuck.

I guess it didn’t want to wait around this time.

It’s also usual that Mr. G will start a game of I’m Sicker Than You about two days after I fall ill.

I guess he didn’t want to wait either.

Oh well. We’ll just deal the best we know how.

He can deal with being sick with the fun of screaming and yelling and punching walls, while I choose a more serene path.

Hence my joyful, charming, sunshiny self.

When I feel the yucking it’s my flannel jammies, big sweater, hot tea and yes, The Disney Channel. I don’t like gory TV when sick. I rarely like it when well. So I have no desire to see SoA, Criminal Minds, anything with CSI or Law and Order in the title, or most importantly, the news. Blah!

And yes I do realize this isn’t much different than my day to day, but it feels way better when I’m sick.

So here are a few images to make me and (hopefully) you feel better :)

tumblr_l9frhyyQEL1qzm7wbo1_500_large 47487_1574860898733_1451899343_1507250_7902392_n_large















(Three out of four images from the joyful We Heart It)


I hope everyone feels better (or stays well) this week :)

And that’s it from this stuffy barrel.

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