Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Thousand Pictures is Worth A Word

Yay! Pictures! Lots of pictures!



fireworks201021These 3 are my favorites. And no. I didn’t fuss with them. That’s how they came out.

HPIM1511tacodippastasalad1curry1Foods cooked up in the last month. Mediterranean Burrito, Taco Dip, Italian Pasta Salad, Curry Chicken w/Rice. How international of me.      


Pepperoni. Not dead, just napping. You can see by the pen just how big she’s getting :) Only 3 and a half months old!  

The Queen and I were at the Aquarium a few weeks ago. The shark and the single sea lion are pretty cool.


repelling1repelling2They were holding a charity event at the casino. There’s actually a person on the side of this building. Not me, but someone.

artichokesfred1sausagemom1Though we were tired we did eat at the Italian Festival this past weekend, see…food.


One last one of Pepper giving me the I Will Kill You look.


That’s all from this photogenic barrel :)

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