Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No! Not Now!

Last night, or early this morning, depending on how it strikes you, I watched the first two parts of The Martian Chronicles.

I’ve seen it several times and still I always seem to forget the ending.

So this morning when I woke from an uncomfortable sleep, and saw there was nothing on, it seemed a good idea to watch the last part.

I put the disc in and grabbed a pop.

I came in to see a blue screen and a WRONG DISC error.


This had happened before. There was nothing to do. It’s a slide player, not a flip up one. That means there’s no way to get to the laser to try to clean it off. Not without screwdrivers and a complex knowledge of electronics.

Nether of which I have.

But still I worked on it.

That means I stood there opening and closing the player for about an hour with every DVD within reach, getting more desperate with each “Come ON!”

Thankfully The Queen called. She had just gotten back from a quick trip to the library.

She suggested we just go to Target and get a new one. She needed a few items and I could grab a new phone as well.

We took the trolley instead of the bus and we were on our non-ACed way. Because of course it was that trolley. But it was also the same driver and he was nice and helpful.

We did our Target run. I found a nice Samsung DVD player. But no phone. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find a landline, cordless, simple phone. I thought I’d just walk right in a there it would be.

Silly me!

Anyway, we still have a couple stores to look around at for one. Not this week, but soon.

After that fun, we took the bus (ACed!) back home. Well. Homeish.

We stopped at Murphy’s Cafe for some lunch. The Queen had the Greek salad and I stuck with my Mediterranean Chicken wrap. I did try their Frappe Freeze. My goodness was that tasty! I highly recommend it. Especially in this weather. Really. Yum!

Once home it was comfy clothes and hooking up the new player.

It works wonderfully (knock on wood). And I didn’t know how bad the other one was till I saw this. The poor thing must have been dying for months. The picture is actually snow free now. Imagine!
And this one lets me pick up where I left off. (Yeah. I was surprised when I found out the old one didn’t do that. )
The new one says it’s dust proof and plays CDs as well as other stuff.

Over all I think it may be a good choice.

And no…I’m not being paid for this. Though I probably should be. Just sayin’.

And that was my day in a muggy barrel.

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