Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love Me, Bug Me

I know that could mean anything. Dialysis, kitten, man. But it is in fact just a combo of the Friday and Monday.

Let’s start with the Love :)

* The heat broke. It has been so nice out for a few days now. My poor fans have had a rest and I have had some sleep. Yay!

* Went to the Italian fest yesterday. It was nice. We watched some of the entertainment. And ate of course. I stuck with the Artichoke Frieda. I wanted something that I don’t make at home. Italian sausage? Have it in the freezer for this week. Pasta? Have it. Hotdogs? Got it. Beans and greens? Okay. That I would have brought home, but they had no lids for the bowls. But the artichokes? My lord! They are breaded, deep fried and then sautéed in lemon, garlic and white wine. Then they put it on a flat bread, cover in cheese and melt it all together. That is something I’m never doing at home. Ever. I would give up after step two. If I made to to the deep fry part, well, that would be something. Yum food.

* I have two Brit Coms for my Netflix viewing this weekend. Black Books and Mulberry. A nice little break from…

* Shark Week starts today! I’m actually watching it right now! At this very moment!Sweeet!

* After the fest we ran into Walgreens for a quick look for phones. My phone battery is dead. It will no longer charge. (To be fair, it did last for about six years, so there is that.) I looked and looked. I could not find phones anywhere. I ended up leaving with a box fan. Yep. Some people impulse buy chocolate. I impulse buy fans. What? It’s going to be 90 again this week.

* The lovely folks over at ChronicBabe included my post in their blog carnival, despite me sending it very late. Very late.  Read mine and all the great things everyone wrote here: Blog Carnival #9.

* I got a ton of walking in this week. I am definitely feeling it. But it is good to ache from doing something rather than just from the heat.

* The kitten is getting into the household times a little more now. She realizes that bed is a no crazy time and is sleeping most of the night now. Ahhh..

Now for the bugs.

* This was one of the worst dialysis weeks in a very long time. My heart rate was fine. Thank goodness. But my blood pressure? WTF? It’s been dropping within the first hour. On Friday I went in with a 77/49. Yeah. It didn’t get much higher later. Then they kept turning down the UF. That meant I left, for a weekend, with a liter of fluid on me. (That’s 2.2 lbs.) I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but hello, 4 ft and change. On me, it’s a lot.

* We did a lot of walking, so The Queen and I were rather tired for the festival. Even though they had tons of stuff, she was really ready to go after about two hours of fun. We missed the bocci, the band, And BarbieGirl. I just wish we had had a little more oomph.

* G.

* I have another long week coming up. But I really, really want to go out this weekend. I have to figure out how to get shit done and still be rested up. Sigh. Too much planning for my brain.

That’s about it really. I hope you all had a fun and not so buggy weekend :)

Later this week will be a picture post. Yes. I have about 40 pictures that need posting. :)

Enough from this little barrel.

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