Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just A Little Summin’ Summin’

Just a notey note.

I haven’t felt the pull to write. I think because I do it on the Netbook. It just feels weird to not have my little friend to write on. Even though I do like a full keyboard, still…weird. Sadly, even though the desktop is in the same room, it faces the wall. It makes it hard to watch TV while working. And it feels cut off from the rest of the room..

I did finally get the little guy into the shop. It can take up to a week.




Anyway. Once it’s home I think it needs a name. Plus some bling. Yes. A little extra TLC. And a USB CD drive. For when this happens again.

But on the fun front, I went out both Friday and Saturday nights. It wiped me out. I think I can only do one and not for a few weeks. I still feel crappy.

It’s either that or the If-I-were-manic-this-would-be-my-down time-period going on.
It is not because I am old. Really.

The heat broke for a bit. So it’s not that.
It’s nice and cold at night. And with the desktop right by the window, I do get to enjoy. It’s also making me think…AUTUMN!

Halloween! Birthday! Warm sweaters! Fall TV! Neopets Daily Dare! Candy! Flannel jammies!

Really. How nice is Autumn?

Not that I want winter. Or the real cold. Or ice.
But the cooler weather will be nice.

We might even get some walking in. Yay!

I’ve actually gained about five pounds this summer. With the heat and humidity, all I did was lay about eating Little Debbie’s and Pringles. Seriously. So walking would certainly be a good thing.

I’m sure there were at least two other things I was going to mention. But, yeah. They have left the building.

Oh. And if you read this in email or a reader you should go over to the blog page and check out the new header :) I rather likey :)

That’s all from this little Netbookless little barrel.

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