Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Bit of This and A Bit of That 18

It’s been another of those nice and mellow weeks. I am very lucky with that. Many are having a harder time of it at the moment.

It's Time To Get Over How Fragile You Are and Karl aren’t having a good week at all. And my thoughts and prayers are with them both.

Now back to me-eee!

* Last week was a hell dialysis week. I even had to ask to go in on Saturday to try and get the extra fluid off. Of course it wasn’t that easy. Oh no. The doctor insisted on me having an actual treatment. Because I guess having a potassium of 1 is a good idea. (That’s sarcasm.) I left after an hour and a half. I just didn’t feel like staying with a blood pressure of 68/27. I’m sure that’s just me though.

After that I went home and napped. Then BarbieGirl called. She had Sunday off.

Oh yeah.

So we headed out.

It was just a nice chillin’ out night. We had a couple drinks and relaxed. Caught up on stuff. Did a mini BitchFest. Then went on to Denny’s for food. Cause, well, why not?

I hope she a good time. I enjoyed.

* Today I held off on my one med till this evening. It can lower the blood pressure and i figured I didn’t need any extra help with that. It appears to have worked. I left just a smidge above my dry weight. The best in two weeks. (Maybe I should start drinking more?) I will be trying that again on Wednesday. Fingers crossed!

* And this is how most of my nights go…

I watched Zombieland again tonight. I do enjoy that movie. G walked in towards the end. At Bill Murray’s house.

Later, when the movie was finishing up, he left the room saying he couldn’t take it seriously. That he knew it wasn’t real. Because Bill Murray was still alive.

I quietly thought to myself. “Why yes. That’s the give away that it’s fiction. And how happy Mr. Murray would be to hear that he wasn’t dead.”


* WyckerNoodle was throwing up for about an hour tonight. I was feeling badly till I turned and saw her eating something off the window. I have no idea what it was. I don’t think I want to either. I couldn’t be good. That’s all I want to know.

* It’s getting muggy again. The last few days were perfect. I slept! I know!  I hope I enjoyed it. I won’t be doing that for a while. They are saying it will be like this till Friday.


* I have Black Books season 2 and The Martian Chronicles for this week. Lord I do love that Netflix! Black Books was even funnier with this disc. There’s just one more season to go. I think I’ll be rather sad then.  But I have more BritComs lined up:)

* Been feeling less creative and more blahy. Been working on games a lot this week. Harvest, harvest, harvest. Haven’t written a thing in days. No prompts in weeks. Maybe tomorrow.

* The next blog carnival is coming up :)

* Neopetters: Don’t forget the Bonju avatar is this month. You can go over to SunnyNeo to see what you need to do. Otherwise you have to wait until next August. Yes. A year.

Well. That’s enough of that from this barrel.

Again hugs and best wishes to Annie from It's Time To Get Over How Fragile You Are and Karl and his mom.

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