Thursday, July 1, 2010

You Seem to Have a Little Desperation Right There

Here’s a quick prompt from Sunday. Okay. Maybe not quick.
It’s the Toasted Cheese Sunday Brunch Chat thing for June 27th. Whew!

The words to use were: Release, device, humanity, wanted, cherries, BONUS: squid.

You Seem to Have a Little Desperation Right There

Clink, scrape...the calamari was rubbery. How hard is it to cook some squid?
A little breading, egg, oil, there you go.

It was just one more thing that was going wrong with today.
She pushed the full plate away and sipped at the wine. Red. She wanted white, but he always preferred the red.

She tried not to glance anymore at the door.

She was unnerving the table near it, which was evident when she saw them talking to the waitress in a rather urgent manner.

He wasn't showing anyway. He hadn't been to this place in weeks.

"Okay. If I can get through the rest of this meal without looking for him, I'll be alright."

It had been at least a month ago when she last saw him.
The box of chocolate covered cherries, the gentle hand holding, the "For the sake of our work..."

Okay. We sell cars. We're not saving humanity from utter doom.
Unless those Mini Coopers where hiding some secret that needed to be released in order to keep the world safe.

She was sure they weren't.

She looked at her phone. The device merely looked back. It had nothing important to say.

"I should go back home. I have no job, my resources are low and there is no other reason to stay."

A slight hair flip and a quick glance at the door.


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