Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Well No.

As I opened up my blog writer, I realized that today is Monday and I should have a list of Bugs Me.

Well no. I do not.

Not only did I completely forget, I don’t even have anything. The week went fairly well.

Dialysis. Good.

The heat. I lived.

Outside. Was there.

We even went to the Rib Fest on Saturday.

It was on the walkway of Old Falls Street. Or is it just Old Falls Street now?
Well whatever it is called, we went. It was hot. And muggy. And sticky. But there was a breeze.

I had to drag The Queen. She really didn’t want to leave her fan.
After a bit of guilt, she relented. I was informed that there would be a day when I did not want to leave my fan. And well you know about paybacks.

We decide to take the trolley. (Yes. The AC worked on this one.)

Then we walked. And walked. It was at the back end, near the park. It’s not a far walk, however, with the heat and such, it seemed far.

Quite all of a sudden the wind picked up. Filling the walkway with smoke and dust and leaves. There may have been a bug. I didn’t get a good look at whatever it was that hit me in the face. Leaving me, in it’s wake, jumping around and squealing like a five year old.

There were no tables that we saw. So we headed to the nearest bench.

We sat.

We discussed.

We had a change of plans.

Onward we walked.

We finally settled our tired selves at Murphy's Cafe.

We just love that little place. Seriously. The food fabulous. The owners are wonderful. The AC was on high. What is not to like?

The Queen had a breakfast Panini. She was craving pork. And since we left the ribs in the dust, bacon it was.

I stuck with my Mediterranean wrap. It never fails to satisfy. It’s chicken. It’s feta. Come on. Why stray? That day it came with cornandblackbeansalad1a Corn and Black Bean Salad. It was a cold salad, but spicy.  Very good. I did manage two pictures. (I always seem to think of food pictures after I’ve already started eating. Must remember to get them sooner.)





After we stuffed ourselves we tried the new chocolate truffles.
Heavens! So dark, so chocolaty, with a sprinkle of something nutty on the top.

No picture. I pretty much inhaled it. So so yummy. (Really I can’t stress that enough.)

Once home we sat on the porch and watched the three drops of rain fall.


Not a bad week at all:)

From, a now hungry, barrel, I hope you all had a good weekend!

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