Friday, July 9, 2010

Shop Till You Drop ( from the heat)

Needless to say, it’s hot. And humid. And stuffy. And oppressive. It is hard to move let alone breathe.

We needed out.

The Queen and I have been holed up for five days with the heat.

We have been laying (lying?) around sweating and watching far to much daytime TV for anyone’s comfort level.

This summer the NFTA in it’s one good move, decided to run the trolley this year. It goes around the hotels gathers people up and takes them to various locations, including the Falls, Pine Ave and the City Market, and the Factory Outlet Mall.

The latter being our destination for the day.

We needed air conditioning folks. And we needed it bad.

We figured we could ride the air conditioned trolley to the air conditioned mall and have ice coffee and buy stuff.

Sure it would feel 80x worse when we stepped out of the coolness, but we had to clear our heads.

It would be well worth it.

All things are good in theory.

One of the nice things about where we live is that the trolley stops right behind us. So there is no five block walk to kill us before we even start.

So we walk and wait. And wait. And wait. And finally he pulls up.

“We’re going out to the mall, can we get day passes?”

“Yep. But that’s not a good idea” he says rather quietly.

My head jerks up and over, “Not a good idea? Why?”

“You’re going to roast. The air is broken.”

The Queen and I look at each other, “Can we open the windows?” she asks.

Yes. Yes we can he tells us.

We open the ones around, well, us. If others got on, they can open their own damn windows.

We are off.

In all fairness with the windows open it wasn’t that bad. It was bad, mind you, but not as bad as it was say, coming home.

Once there we walk in and breathe the cool air. Oh yeah. Air conditioning.

We shop. We eat. I get ice coffee. We are done. Still have half an hour before we can go home.

The problem was I didn’t realize just how much of my shopping I do online. Apparently, all of it. Except for food. And if Tops ever let me order food online and then someone brought it to me. Well I would do that too.

With this fact glaring me in the face, I also realized we haven’t set foot in the mall in years.

Yes. Years.

And stores that we clearly remember being there have been gone for, yup, years.

Without the book or kitchen stores, our shopping time was cut in half.

We just gave in at that point and waited outside. We figured we better get re-used to the heat.

After about thirty minutes the trolley pulled up.

Of course it was the same one.

And the windows? Not much help on the way back. It was all traffic. Stop. Go. Stop. Go. No real speed to get the air going.

When we finally landed on our porch I was hardly breathing, sweating, and hobbling.

I was a sight. Not a good sexy one either. A you ‘scare small and teenage children’ sight.

But we sat on the porch ( with a very slight breeze) and visited our sweet neighbor and rested up.

Was it a long day. Yup. Was it a hot day. You bettca. Was it a good day. Why yes. Yes it was.

And I have stuff :)

mallloot1 Tada!


A light summery, three tier type skirt. And yes it has sparkly thread.


I tried to resist. But come on! The kitten has cuffs too. 
(I may have to cut out the neck. It looks tight, but still awesome)

malloot3 Three shirts. Two in my normal go-to colors and one in a not me color. Guess.


Monkey earrings :)


Pink monkeys on my ears!


A variety of earrings.


So that is how we spent the day cooling off.

How did you try to get cool? And no. Central air does not count.

That’s all from a very warm and stuffy barrel.

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