Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One Down

Yeah yeah. It’s been to hot to think let alone write anything. But I have the Sunday Brunch prompt from July 4th.  I’m working on this week’s.
The prompt was to use these five words: peace, locked, floor, detail, demanding.

One Down

He should have been sweating with all the heavy gear on. The temps were in the high 90's. But he wasn't.

He remained cool.

Even the metal in his hands was cool.

He edged closer to the open doorway.

Slowly working his way to the back of the house leading to the patio.
The floor was covered in water, leaves and other debris from being open to the elements.
Many of the houses they checked were like this.
Abandoned. Opened. Falling apart in some places.
This was no different. Though it was one of the nicer houses he had been in.
The structure was old, Victorian, but the inside looked as if it had been remodeled. Probably just before they arrived.
The granite counter still shined a high black speckled gloss in some spots not soiled by fire and garbage.
The cabinets had a flower and vine detail carved into them. It must have looked quite nice when it was done.

And there just off the kitchen was the patio.

One foot at a time, one inch at a time, through the double glass doors.
He spun around to his left.
There it was.

A squid like creature locked eyes with him. The liquid filled bubble hovering a few feet off the burned out grass.
Tentacles smoothly swaying this way. Then that way.
A high pitched mechanical voice in his head,
"You can't win. Put your weapon aside." it was demanding.
But we had figured out how to block the telepathic commands.
A small chip blocking out their specific frequencies.
He steadied his arm. His hand tightened and he squeezed the trigger.
"You should have come in peace asshole."

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