Saturday, July 3, 2010

No Man Is An Island

I thought this might be a good time to blog up and join a carnival. The carnival is for Chronic Babe site and the topic is: Your Team. 

I almost don't know what to say about this.

I've mentioned so many times about all the people who help me.

But I said almost now didn't I?

First of all my Personal Team.
This would be first and foremost, my mom.
Here I am, 40, with ESRD and chronic heart failure and she still takes care of me just about everyday.
For all things, from helping with the cat, to going with me to appointments, to helping me carry groceries, to anything I need help with.
Yay mom.

Second would be BarbieGirl who is both friend and family.
She's the one who listens to me bitch. Endlessly. Really. End-less-ly.
She also helps with rides and such fun stuff as taking the kitty to the vet, or dragging our butts to three stores for a new kitty litter box or a shirt for a Halloween costume.
All while dealing with her stuff and working 6 days a week. Yes. 6.
You go girl!

Third, the numerous friends who remind me that there is more to life than being sick. With tales of everyday life, the ups and downs, the kids with  colds, the long day at work, the crazy Canadian who cut them off in traffic. I enjoy it all.
I love them all dearly for it.

On the medical front, OMG! I am loving them!

My Primary, is fabulous. I mean FAB-U-LOUS! He is also my nephrologist so there is no going back and forth between two different main doctors. He knows everything that is happening.
And have I mentioned he listens! Listens! I talk, he listens, we come up with a plan. Can you imagine?
After the last doctor this is just wonderful!

Then there is the cardiologist who is just as great!
Not only is he great, his team is great. I know when I'm dealing with any of them I am being taken good care of. For instance, I had to restart a med this last week. I talked to him, he listened, he looked over everything and we did it.
Then he said he would call in the med to the pharmacy. It was ready when The Queen and I walked over after lunch. i didn't have to call five times to get it done. It just was.
Awesome. Really.

The Dialysis team. I love them. The nurses rock. They have skill and compassion. A rarity. No guilt trips about hating needles or bad diet issues. Just positive thinking and we'll do better next time. The dietitian and social workers are on it. Whatever the problem, they are there and get it done.
It took a long time to get a team this great.
I'm very lucky to have them.

Then there is the intangible team. The team inside. Team Me. Where hope, faith, strength, dreams, plans and wishes help keep things moving along day after day. One day at a time. Just getting it done.

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