Friday, July 16, 2010

Love Me Friday

Let’s just jump right on in…

* The library. Yeah their AC is broken, but they have a number of large ass fans running. They were creating a fabulous cross wind. And that felt great. Came away with a couple of books and feeling cooler for about an hour.

* Right now I have the fan on and there is a sweet breeze blowing in. The combo is making it actually bearable in here. There may be sleep tonight.

* I was included in the ChronicBabe blog carnival. You can read mine and all the other great posts here: ChronicBabe Blog Carnival # 8

* Tomorrow is the rib fest. I believe it’s across the casino on that walkway. The Queen and I will be going about 1:30/2:00 PM if anyone wants to hook up. We are looking forward to BBQ and beer. Or maybe ice tea:)

* I have a serious craving for old PBS mini series. So I, Claudius has been added to the Netflix. When it’s too muggy to move you have to love a DVD and the PLAY ALL option.

* Speaking of mini series. I watched The Day of The Triffids. I hadn’t seen that in so long. I had forgotten much of it. The clacking. Ewww…gave me the creeps. It was also nice to see a show with real people. No laser/exploding/alien ship/ over done special effects. You had the feeling as if this is how people would react if this happened.

* Dollar Tree. USB LCD laptop light. A dollah. Sweet :) Even bought a backup one.

I hope you all had some joy this week too :)

That is all from this stuffy, soon to be cooler barrel.

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