Saturday, July 10, 2010

Love Me Friday

Yes. I know it’s Saturday. Again

I’m hot and tired. So you may not want to start on that road. Just think it’s Friday.

* So. It’s 88 degrees in my apartment. To be actuate, it is 88 degrees in the coolest room of my apartment. The room with two fans going. It’s probably 90-something in the rest. I know the kitchen is ghastly. And it’s actually hazy inside! Now why would I put this here and not save it for Monday? Because for all the hell I am glad summer has finally arrived. It is here with no ifs, ands or buts about it. It has come up and smacked us in the head. It’s about time.

* The fireworks on the 4th were awesome! I have pics I will post for those without FB. If you have FB you more than likely already saw them. A couple turned out super great. One looks like a heart and the other a jelly fish.

* Went shopping and came away with neat stuff. (See yesterday’s post).

* The heart med I went back on is working like a bitch kickin’ ass and taking names. I was having palpations almost daily and they were lasting for hours at a time. In the last two weeks I had them twice and they lasted five minutes. At dialysis my heart rate was bouncing up to 160s. I would leave with it in the 140s routinely. For the last 5 treatments it has been in the double digits. Today when I left it was 55. Yes. 55. I know it’s a hard med with lots of bad attached to it, but right now I am very happy with  it.

* It’s been to muggy to think so I haven’t been reading. The other night though, I felt the need to open a book. I pulled out Tropic of Cancer. Mainly because I’ve been meaning to try and read it again. I had tried once when I was younger and of course was just appalled and offended! Now, with age and wisdom and an unhealthy dose of cynicism I can enjoy the language of it. Hard and delicate, course and crude, with respect and even tenderness. I wonder if he would shake his head and chuckle at the idea of one picking that to read during one of the hottest, stickiest, weeks of the summer. But I don’t know anything about Miller expect what was in the movie Henry and June. But still, I like to think he would.

* Warehouse 13 and Eureka started their new season.

* I watched the movie Whip It. I rather enjoyed it. I like Ellen Page anyhow, so it wasn’t hard to get behind this one. I really, really want the soundtrack. La. La. La. Birthday. October. Just sayin’.

* Next week is a BBQ Rib Fest. The Queen and I are looking forward to getting our eat on. Anyone up for that?

There you have it. All the joy one barrel could hold this week. Hope you all had some joy in your barrels :)

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