Saturday, July 3, 2010

Love Me Friday (on Saturday)

* We had a nice cool break. The humidity and the dew point combo over the weekend were deathly. I really thought I’d have to go to the ER. I was having that much trouble breathing. So on Tuesday when I woke up and my lungs were filling with air, it was great! I was able to do stuff! how great is that?

* Been going for walks again (see?) . But the weather looks as if it has other plans. We will keep going as long as we can.

* 4th of July fireworks. What else needs to be said :) Tonight 9:30PM the casino. Yay!

* I’ve taken up doing writing prompts from various sites. I just do the ones I want from where I want. I’m hoping this will give me a little discipline with writing. We shall see. If you care to read them they are at I’ll Get Write On That.

* I have Day of the Triffids coming from Netflix and The Greatest American Hero on Sunday (all day on SciFi) for the weekend. I will not have to sit through Independence Day this year. A nice change. Not that I don’t enjoy it. I do. Just not this year.

* At the grocery store i picked up stuff to making chili and taco dip. Yummm…

* Neopetters: I managed to finish the NC Challenge. MSN would not work for forever. And I was thinking it wasn’t going to happen, but it straightened out for a day and I was able to do it up. I won’t get to Rank 10. I ran out of steam last week and fell very far behind. I will make it to at least Rank 8. So I’ll be were I was last year. The team never broke the top 4, but we came close very often. Maybe next year will be ours. Over all, had a good time, but am a little glad it’s done.

* Pepperoni, when not trying to kill or eat me, is adorable :)

That’s a very happy from the barrel this week.


Hope you all have a great and safe holiday!


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