Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Think It’s Just Me


You have been warned.

I just returned my most resent Netflixs.

One old one and two must-see-wonderful-so-they said movies.

First, The Day of the Triffids. The mini series.  There are no big time 70079027special effects. No governments jump in with Triffid killing lasers or alien ships to wipe them all out and save mankind. No CGI Triffids. Just people. How they react to this dangerous new world. They don’t have answers. They guess at what might have been the cause, they make do day to day. It was so good to see.

It was also creepy without being gory.  No one was gutted. There was no blood spewing out of anyone’s well anything.
But still. The sound of the clacking, the people all over the car, the house being surrounded. Scary.

Then there were the other two.

The Last Station and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

I know. I know. Everyone loved these. Station was nominated for Oscars! It’s about a great Russian writer! It has James McAvoy!

It was dull. Except for Helen Mirren. She was wonderful. Her character was the only one who was honest and animated.

And Tolstoy?


The movie is basically him deserting and leaving his family penniless.

Imagine. There you are living the life of the aristocrats'. Your husband is having another one of his ideas. His (rather slimy) new friends always around. Always. Every day. He keeps talking about giving everything away. Everything. Even your home.

70122307 There is this idea that she is crazy. Well maybe she was. Driven crazy that is. Fighting all the time to keep a roof over the heads of her family. To keep them from becoming destitute. Fighting against the talk and plans of people fawning and praising this man for being so fabulous.

And lets remember poor then, in Russia, far different than poor nowadays.  Do you really think she was going to live on the commune and tend the veggies?

And lets also realize that for all the talk of being equal, we didn’t see Tolstoy choppin’ wood with James McAvoy. The daughter was no better. Never saw her on her knees scrubbing the estate floors side by side with the servants.

I wonder if that’s how Nicole Kidman felt at the end with Tom? With all the Scientology talk and giving away more and more and more money. Then thinking of you as the enemy. Just this uggg!  Of course she had her own money. But still, trying to keep your family together, in the face of that?

So yeah. Tolstoy was a great writer. But as a man, not so much.

And then came The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Maybe I’m just a chick at heart. Maybe I just don’t get it. But when did disturbing become entertainment?  70116686

And that was this movie. More disturbing than not. Three rape scenes. One was a revenge, but still. And no. I’m sorry. I did not find it empowering.  I just thought it was how a man would think a woman would get even.

The mystery part was okay.


Why didn’t the fantastic journalist try to match up the blurry face with one of the people in the group photo. Wouldn’t there have been a resemblance? Even blurry? You know sort of what she did with the other picture later? And that wasn’t that bad. His people have crap software apparently. And no one mentioned the fact that one of the employees had been murdered? Not until the end? Really? No one noticed that earlier? Even as a strange sort of huh fact?  Just seems that in all that time it would have been written down. She should have been the first one they found not the last.

But then again, it’s probably just me.

Next up the classic, I, Claudius. How great is that? And no. The irony(?) of the60030444 scandal, sex, murder and mayhem that goes on in each episode? Not lost on me.

That is all from this popcorn riddled barrel :)

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