Monday, July 26, 2010

Bugs Me Monday

I feel as if I should have a list a mile long. But when I try to write them all out, it is, in fact only a very short list. So I will be throwing in a few not buggy things.

I am a rebel.

* The dewpoint hit 75% on Friday and Saturday. The highest since 1948. It was damn tropical. The Queen and I went to Tops on Saturday though. It was empty. I liked it. The AC was really cold too. It felt wonderful. Once home we became unmovable. Another weekend gone to the humidity.

* The cats agree.

* The brain fog has returned. I have about three posts, a few prompts, a handful of projects (craft and digital), and cleaning to do. And can muster no energy or creativity to do any of them. How this post has gotten as far as it has, is a surprise to me.

* My potassium was a little high. Again. I took some Kionex, so hopefully that will help. Must stop the Pringles. Very bad me. No more potatoes.

* It was a good TV weekend. Eureka, Haven, Dr. Who finale, Being Human season 2 started, True Blood, Drop Dead Diva and I, Claudius in the wee hours. Claudius is still just as engrossing.

* The Italian Festival is this coming weekend. I am happy and sad. Most of the people we see there probably won’t make it. At least not when we go. I was looking forward to seeing other people. But still. Food. That is always good. But not potatoes.

* I’m starting to feel a little Grey Gardens. This. Is. Not. Good.

* I’m also feeling petty. I’ve been avoiding all tweets and posts about BlogHer, Toga parties, PA parties, and Comic Con. My reading has since become slim to say the least. I think something must be planned for our area. WNY bloggers unite! We do have cheap beer and wings after all! And 3G. Just sayin’.

* I have a couple movies and then British comedies up next from Netflix. The funny should be here for the weekend. I do love the Netflix.

I think that’s enough. Is your week or weekend going better? Worse?

I do hope better.

Enough blah from this barrel.

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